Commercial Claims Inc. (CCI) was established in 1953 offering the credit executive fast and effective recovery of past due accounts.

For 60 years, CCI has served creditors by improving their cash flow and now serves over 400 commercial, industrial and manufacturing creditors. The CCI staff has grown in numbers and experience.

Pat Crilly is the second generation heading the company. In December 2000 John Crilly joined CCI, and represents the family’s third generation. He currently serves as Vice President.

Our experienced collectors have years of service to our customers. The future is bright with constant upgrading of computers and telecommunications. CCI collects your money quickly from debtors nationwide. Prompt communication by our experienced collectors will result in payment or a report to you of the best course of action to follow.

CCI is fully bonded, holds a Certificate of Compliance, as issued by the Commercial Agency Section of the Commercial Law League of America (CLLA), and is an active member of the International Association of Commercial Collectors (IACC).

When choosing a collection representative, look for the professional, bonded collector, who is a member of a trade association, and who keeps up to date and involved. Then you will be assured of ethical, professional and efficient service.